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Throughout 2018, the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver sees three of the most inspiring digital hairdressing influencers team-up with three of the world’s leading session colourists. In January, the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver bought us DUSTED ROUGE, where UK-based, Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison and Brazilian Colour Specialist, Jean Philippe Santos joined forces to re-invent reds.

Now the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver co-creation story continues with DISHEVELED NUDES; a collection of new nude tones that push the powdery colour palette to the edge by adding contrast and character…

DISHEVELED NUDES has been co-created by Australian-based, International Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador, Matt Clements and Spanish Colour Visionnaire and member of X-Presion Creativos, Jorge Cáncer. Their combined inspiration and creative process allowed them to develop a new take on nude tones: vanguard nuances with tarnished blues and greens full of character keep the shades strong and edgy, yet still soft at the same time… a perfect take on the modern nude.

Discover the inspirational looks created with the DISHEVELED NUDES shades today!

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