We must all encounter so many well-meaning articles regarding self care and hair care, but they are prone to perpetuating misinformation… Have you been good naturedly following these hair myths? Our hairdressers in Belfast extract the truth from these all too common misconceptions about how to care for your hair!


Myth 1: You need to wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair every day might seem like the right thing to do, because we wash our faces and bodies every day, right? Actually, washing your hair everyday makes it greasier faster because it strips it of its natural oils, pushing it into generating more very quickly. In the long-run, this dries your hair out and it will be harder to train your hair back into a normal rhythm of oil secretion. Hair salon tip number one: don’t wash your hair every day, try to limit yourself to every 2-3 days.


Myth 2: Split ends heal

Unfortunately, split ends don’t heal by themselves and they hardly repair themselves altogether, either. Split ends need to be trimmed to stop your hair from appearing dry, straw-like, and damaged. You can’t ever fully reverse this damage no matter how many ‘repair’ hair products we use, so we’d always recommend careful hair maintenance to keep it healthy. Hair salon tip number two: book an appointment with your hairdresser to trim your split ends off every 6 – 8 weeks for healthier hair.


Myth 3: People with thin hair shouldn’t use conditioners

Thinning or fine hair should always use conditioner because it helps prevent breakage. Regardless of whether you have naturally thin hair or your hair is thinning at the scalp, conditioner is an essential part of your hair care routine. One hair salon tip, though, is to use it from the middle of your hair down to the ends but avoid conditioning the roots. This will help keep some body whilst also nourishing the rest of your hair that is prone to breakage.


Myth 4: Trimming your hair makes it grow

This would be such a good myth if it was true, but sadly it isn’t! Trimming your hair will help it appear healthier and less dry and therefore probably better, but sadly it won’t encourage your hair to grow. Hair grows from the follicles in your scalp, so trimming the ends doesn’t really have a bearing on how quickly or thickly it grows. Hair may grow quicker in the summer though due to heightened blood flow and circulation to the scalp. Trimming your hair makes it appear healthier, which is why it might appear to look longer over the coming weeks, because it just generally looks better!


Your Premium Hair Salon in Belfast

Not a lot of people know their hair inside-out, which is why they trust their hairdressers to know it for them. At Keith Kane Hair & Beauty, our team of hairdressers in Belfast are on hand to breathe new life and lustre in your hair so you can enjoy healthier and bouncier locks. Contact Us today on 028 9081 3622 or send us an email at info@keithkane.co.uk to book your hair appointment with a member of our skilled team.

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