When hair looks tired and loses its shine, it can really dampen your confidence. At-home products off the shop shelves may provide some small relief, but it’s often short-lived and not the true, long-term change you’re seeking in the lustre of your locks. In a busy world, a little bit of ‘me’ time will help keep your wellbeing and happiness boosted, so why not spend this time on your hair to boost its wellbeing too? Treat yourself at our Belfast luxury hair salon, Keith Kane Hair & Beauty, with one of our professional treatments.

For hair that needs strengthening

We use the advanced treatment System Professional Liquid Hair to reinvigorate damaged hair. This luxury hair salon treatment is a hair ‘refiller’, meaning it reconstructs the hair fibre and reinforces your natural strands. It does this through selected amino acids, the foundations of hair’s keratin, to build vitality and health. This treatment has been specifically formulated to treat sensitive, fragile, and damaged hair by providing deep care. This treatment, available from our Belfast hairdressers, lasts up to 5 washes for more vibrant, thicker-feeling, bouncier hair.

For hair quality you want to prolong

Getting your hair freshly styled or freshly coloured can brighten your whole day, your whole week, your whole month! But prolonging these results and helping them last as long as possible before a second hairdressers appointment is needed is something many of our clients seek. For coloured or highlighted hair, we offer Essential Emulsions’ Colour Lock treatment that contains active ingredients that deeply penetrate the hair and stabilise the colour molecules introduced to the hair. It does this through neutralising the hair and locking down the hairs’ cuticle for longer lasting colour. For professionally permed hair, we offer the Essential Emulsions Perm Lock, with active ingredients to stabilise the curls and boost the quality of them to keep them supple and bouncy.

For luxury hair salon hair extensions

At our Belfast hairdressers, we only provide Remy hair extensions because it is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact and are completely aligned in the natural growth direction. We are a certified provider of Great Lengths extensions, who are dedicated to ensuring the source, origin, quality, and ethicality of every human hair strand they use. This not only results in beautiful, high-quality results for our clients, but it also ensures that our Remy hair extensions come from ethical sources. These premium quality hair extensions boost texture, thickness, and even deepen the colour of your existing hair, and are the perfect treat if you’re seeking to add a bit of umph.

Visit Keith Kane, the luxury hair salon

Pamper yourself with our advanced, luxurious treatments to strengthen, thicken, and fortify your hair with Keith Kane Hair & Beauty in Belfast. Call us today on 028 9081 3622 to book your appointment, or contact us online.

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