System Professional Liquid Hair at Keith Kane

SP Liquid Hair is a cutting-edge molecular hair refiller formulated to offer long-lasting vitality and repair damaged hair, leaving it feeling strong and plumped. Specially selected amino acids that are known to be the building blocks of keratin are used to rebuild the hair fibre and reinforce the hair’s strength, making it the ideal treatment if you have fragile or sensitised hair.

Not only does SP Liquid Hair treatment give your hair a great level of vitality and resilience, the lightweight formula makes it suitable to use on fine hair, too.

Why choose the System Professional Liquid Hair treatment in Belfast?

The SP Liquid Hair treatment at Keith Kane International promises deep care and revitalisation, with each molecular hair refilling treatment lasting up to 5 washes. Professional application ensures that this thermo-activated formula will nourish and plump the hair from the inside out for optimal performance.

In order to keep your hair in excellent condition in between visits to our hair salon in Belfast, we stock SP Liquid Hair for you to purchase as well, ensuring you look your absolute best at all times. For more information about purchasing SP Liquid Hair, simply speak to your stylist.

How does System Professional Liquid Hair work?

After your hair has been washed, your stylist at Keith Kane will towel dry your hair and divide your hair into sections, applying the SP Liquid Hair and distributing it evenly from root to tip. Your hair will then be combed and dried with a hair dryer for approximately 5 minutes.

This allows the SP Liquid Hair to really bond to your hair and start working its magic. After your hair’s been heated, we’ll rinse out the excess product and style your hair the way you want for soft, voluptuous and healthy hair.

Choose Keith Kane for your System Professional Liquid Hair treatment in Belfast today

More than 30 years’ experience in the hair industry, the team at Keith Kane understand exactly how to bring limp, damaged hair back to life. As one of Belfast’s best hairdressers, you can relax safe in the knowledge that we’ll achieve the exact look you want, using SP Liquid Hair to its maximum effect.


For more information about System Professional Liquid Hair treatment, and to book your appointment, simply call the Keith Kane International team now on 02890 813 622.

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