Belfast Hair Salon Busts Common Hair Myths

We must all encounter so many well-meaning articles regarding self care and hair care, but they are prone to perpetuating misinformation... Have you been good naturedly following these hair myths? Our hairdressers in Belfast extract the truth from these all too common misconceptions about how to care for your hair!   Myth 1: You need [...]

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Luxury hair salon treatments for your hair

When hair looks tired and loses its shine, it can really dampen your confidence. At-home products off the shop shelves may provide some small relief, but it’s often short-lived and not the true, long-term change you’re seeking in the lustre of your locks. In a busy world, a little bit of ‘me’ time will help [...]

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The Answer to Getting Gorgeous Summer Locks

Summer is finally, hopefully, nearly upon us! Whether you are going abroad or staying at home you want gorgeous summer locks every day! But, did you know that exposure to the sun, swimming in the sea and that cheeky cocktail on the beach can all lead to dry and brittle hair? We can help save [...]

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