Our Six Men’s Hair Trend Predictions 2019


Over the last few years, it seems that you guys have preferred to sport more faded hairstyles.  However this year things are going to start to change and we are about to see a lot more hairstyles that have been grown out and textured.  In fact, the men’s hair trend predictions for 2019 are suggesting that guys will prefer to let their hair grow longer.  In some cases, they may actually choose to grow it to around shoulder-length or even longer.


The great thing about choosing to grow your hair longer it allows you to then experiment with different kinds of hairstyles.  As you guys become a lot more fashion conscious so you are of course going to need to seek advice from a good hair stylist in Belfast to determine just which of the hairstyles this year will suit you.


So What Styles Are Going To Be Trending For Guys In 2019?


Below we take a look at some of the men’s hair trend predictions 2019 that are going to prove extremely popular with you guys.


Style 1 – Layers


By adding layers into your hair will allow you to add some volume to it.  The use of layers is great for all lengths of hair but will look especially great on guys with a thick hair.   By adding layers it not only makes your hair look softer but also provides it with natural movement.  This year rather than asking your hair stylist in Belfast to use the clippers as they’ve done previously as them to cut your hair with the scissors.


Style 2 – Textured Crop


Most guys have tended to avoid hairstyles that include them having a fringe, but this isn’t the case this year.  The textured crop is definitely going to prove a big hit with quite a few guys, as it can prove very flattering.


This particular men’s hair trend prediction 2019 is a remake of the classic short back and sides.  It is where the longer hair on top works with gravity rather than against it.  Good hairdressers in Belfast will suggest such a look, as this messy cropped cut will work well with your hairs own natural growth pattern.


Style 3 – Undercut Quiff


This style has been a big favourite with teenagers who love to use plenty of cheap hair products.  But this year you will see that this style is going to be a favourite with you older guys because of the sharp contrast of the undercut and a finish that goes for a gentle matt textured finish rather than piling the products on to make the quiff stiff.


To get this look you need to ask your hair stylist in Belfast to use the grade zero clipper to taper your hair off through the sides and neck, whilst leaving it longer on top.  The addition of a fringe allows you to then create more texture and volume at the front.


Style 4 – Tapered High & Tight


Are you somebody who doesn’t really want to have to spend hours styling your hair, then this definitely the kind of style you should be considering this year.   This short, low maintenance style has all the attributes of a buzz cut but you still have a little hair to play around with on top.


Style 5 – Messy Man Bob


This is the kind of style favoured by the likes of Kit Harrington, but of course unlike years ago this year you will see that this style has smartened up its act quite a bit.   You need to keep it tousled rather than straight or you could end up looking like one of those glam rockers from the 1970s.


The key to getting this style right is to ask hair stylists in Belfast to add layers into your hair that don’t just complement the texture of your hair, but your face shape.


Style 6 – Buzz Cut


With this style, it is important that you allow good hairdressers in Belfast to work their magic.  It is important that this one of our men’s hair trend predictions 2019 is uniform in length but with a few small variations and the edges should be very clean.


Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas of how you can change your look this year and be on trend.  If you’d like to find out more about what particular hairstyles will suit you then please call us here at Keith Kane Hairdressers Belfast on 028 9081 3622.  Alternatively, you can email us at info@keithkane.co.uk or by filling in our Enquiry Form.


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