Ripping your hair out trying to find the perfect Christmas Party Hairstyle? Impress your friends, family,and colleagues with these 5 Christmas party hair ideas that are guaranteed to make you look and feel great. We’ve tried and tested these hairstyles, and many more, in our hair salon Belfast. Our hair stylists can transform your Christmas hair ideas into a reality; if you’re looking for events hairdressers in Belfastthen look no further than Keith Kane International.

  1. Big Blow-Dry

Achieve that ‘blow-out’ volume this festive with a salon blow-dry. This style makes an impact that can’t be ignored; leaving your hair looking healthy and bouncy whilst staying simplistic – complimenting any outfit glam, the perfect hairstyles for events. Go all out with a blow-out this Christmas.

  1. Slicked Back Pony

If you’re looking for a more modern, classy look, the slicked back pony gives a sleek but sexy style. This Christmas hair idea is great for both day and night; there’s no painful upkeep or maintenance needed throughout your Christmas event for your slicked back look, once in place, it should stay in place – if done right. Ensure you achieve the best slicked back pony by letting one of our hair stylists in Belfast perfect it.

  1. Unruly Curls

Whether you love it or hate it, the perm has been making a comeback. This look gives limp hair some well-needed life and can be styled to suit you, tighter curls lean more towards an 80’s do (although less dramatic), whereas relaxed curls give a wild but more controlled look. Either way, the perm is on trend; perfect for this year’s Christmas hair idea – be sure to book into your hairdressers in Belfast for your perm this season.

  1. Classic Bun Up-do

Nothing beats a classic, and our hair stylists in Belfast know it. Our ever-popular up-do can bepersonalised to each customer, make this simple look your own for your Christmas hairstyle by adding accessories – one of the most trusted hairstyles for events.

  1. Braided Up Style

Add a twist to the classic up-do with a chunky plait, this brings a softer more feminine feel to your up-do, as well as showing some serious effort has gone into your Christmas hair idea. Our events hairdressers in Belfastuse their high level of hair styling skill whilst paying attention to every small detail; ensuring you get your ultimate Christmas hair goal.

If you’re looking for flawless Christmas event hair, you can trust our award-winning hair stylists in Belfast to deliver just that. For more information on Keith Kane International events hairdressers please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 028 9081 3622 today. You can also book an appointment online or contact us via email at for a prompt response from our Belfast hairdressers.

Beautiful hairstyle for events in Belfast

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